Adventure Island

This popular open-air attraction is the centre of fun in Southend’s seaside location. Located right on the beach, it’s the ideal place for a day out.

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Is Adventure Island open?

Yes, Adventure Island is back open as of April for all your thrill-seeking needs! They’re asking visitors to wear a face mask when walking through the attraction and wash their hands regularly as precautionary measures.

How much does Adventure Island cost?

There is no admission charge into the park; you only pay if you play. Rather than making people pay per ride, Adventure Island have a simple colour-coded wristband system. Wristband prices change depending on the season, but are around £20-£30. Find the current prices here. You can also buy an Adventure Island annual pass for £50.

What wristband levels are there at Adventure Island?

There is one wristband available for all. Your height will determine what rides you are permitted to ride.

For children under 1m, there are gentle and safe rides available for everyone.

If your height is between 1m and 1.2m there are plenty of rides to choose from, they’re exciting and fun, but not too scary. The ride together policy means an adult must accompany children under 1.2m, but don’t worry, they are free.

Blue Wristbands: 1.2m and over? You thrill-seekers are allowed to ride on some of the more extreme roller coasters, including the iconic Rage and the newest ride Axis (for 10 years and over).

Adventure Island ride

How to get to Adventure Island by train

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Where is Adventure Island?

Adventure Island is located right on the Southend seafront, by the iconic Southend pier on the Western Esplanade. It’s difficult to miss as you approach the beach from the town centre – look out for brightly coloured rides!

What rides are at Adventure Island?

There’s something for everyone at Adventure Island and enough to do come rain or shine – even for those tricky pre-teens. Whether it’s the classic helter-skelter slides or the latest roller coaster. There are also rides inside and a 6 story play area. You can see the available rides here. We are also just a short walk away from Sealife Adventure.

To find out more information about visiting with anyone with a disability; you can view Adventure Island’s Accessibility Policy.

Adventure Island ride

How many rides are at Adventure Island?

Currently there are over 40 rides as well as other attractions such as arcades, adventure golf and soft play spaces.

Adventure Island father and daughter on ride


What train station is closest to Southend Adventure Island?

The closest train station is Southend Central on the c2c line, which is about a 10 minute walk from Adventure Island. Nice and easy!

Adventure Island FAQs

What time does Adventure Island open and close?

Adventure Island has variable opening and closing times dependent on the time of year. During low season they’re open from 11am to between 4pm and 8pm, and during high season they’re open from 11am to between 8pm and 10:30pm. Click here to visit the Adventure Island website and get more details.

Is Adventure Island open when it rains?

Adventure Island will generally stay open in the rain, although some outdoor rides may need to be closed if it’s heavy. There are lots of sheltered rides and arcades to check out if this does happen during your visit!

How much is parking at Adventure Island?

There’s no official Adventure Island car park, but you may be able to find space in other Southend car parks. We recommend taking the train so you don’t have to worry about parking!

Is Adventure Island open year round?

Nearly – during the most of the winter and some autumn and spring weekdays Adventure Island is closed. However, during these times you can still visit Adventure Inside, an indoor entertainment centre with rides, soft play and arcades. Check out when Adventure Island is open here.

When does Adventure Island close for the season?

Adventure Island is open until Christmas, although from early September it’s only open at weekends. Remember that Adventure Inside is still open year round with plenty of fun for all the family!

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