Leigh-on-Sea Broadway and Old Leigh

Away from the train station and up Leigh Hill, Leigh-on-Sea is home to a thriving main street. The Broadway not only boasts a plethora of restaurants and cafes (from fine dining to fab chip shops), but itā€™s also home to an increasing amount of boutique stores and art galleries.

Once a busy fishing port, famed for its whitebait and shellfish, Leigh is an ideal spot for a day trip, or even for a waterfront wander along from neighbours Westcliff and Chalkwell.

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Leigh Old Town

The east coast is littered with quaint seaside gems and Old Leigh is one of them. The High Street in Old Leigh runs parallel with the waterfront, housing pubs and boat stores side-by-side. The cobbled street has an old fishing village charm, coupled with the bustle of modern life. On any given Sunday the terraces of the local pubs will be overflowing with locals and visitors enjoying the sun, drinks and cockles. TheĀ PeterboatĀ is a firm favouriteĀ as is theĀ Olde SmackĀ (which was a type of fishing boat, donā€™t you know!).

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Festivals in Leigh-on-Sea

Leigh folk like a festival or two. In addition to the famousĀ Leigh Art Trail,Ā thereā€™s theĀ Leigh Folk Festival, which also takes place in June, with four days of music, dance, poetry and all things folky.

Thereā€™s a music festival, a heritage day, not forgetting the much lovedĀ Leigh Regatta,Ā which takes place in September, with live music, community stalls, arts and crafts and childrenā€™s entertainment.


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Whatā€™s on in Leigh on Sea

Thereā€™s plenty to do all summer events-wise. Check out what else is on in Old Leigh this year.

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Leigh Art Trail

Art has long been a mainstay of the summer in Leigh, where each June sees theĀ Leigh Art TrailĀ take place across this sleepy country town. The 20 year old trail is a volunteer run, community engagement event, which aims to showcase the design and artwork of local contemporary artists and Ā designers.

Getting there

Leigh-on-Sea stationĀ is a 10 mins walk from the Old Town and 15 minutes from the Broadway (which is uphill). To the eastĀ Chalkwell stationĀ is a lovely 15 minute walk along the waterfront.

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