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Travel safe and contact-free with a c2c Smartcard

A faster, easier, and safer way to buy, renew and travel with a train ticket


Save time, buy online and avoid any queues at the station.


Lost your ticket? Worry not. Monthly (and longer) tickets are protected.


Re-usable plastic lasts a lot longer than paper and can be wiped clean.

Get started with a Smartcard

Order online

It only takes a moment to order a new Smartcard online. If you don’t have one, you can set up a c2c account today.

Order Smartcard

Register a Smartcard

Got a blank Smartcard from one of our stations, or in the post? You’ll need to register your card to get all your benefits.

Register Smartcard

How does it work?

Sign up or login

Sign up for an account. or login if you have one.

Order and register

Order and register your free c2c Smartcard online. Have a passport photo ready to upload.

Buy tickets

Buy tickets online with the c2c Train Travel app or at a station ticket machine.

Touch in

Hold your Smartcard on the gateline or free-standing reader to activate your ticket.

Touch out

Touch-out by holding your Smartcard on the gateline or free-standing reader.

Automatic Delay Repay

Train delayed by more than two minutes? Bye-bye, delay forms! Simply tap in and out with your Smartcard whenever you travel to receive Automatic Delay Repay, directly into your online account.

Loyalty Rewards

Join our free Smartcard Loyalty scheme and collect Loyalty Points for your journeys that add up to money off future c2c tickets. Even more rewards are available

Student Smartcard

Are you a student aged 16+ studying in a college in South Essex? Get ​​1⁄3 off when you buy a Weekly, Term-time, Monthly or Annual Season ticket on your c2c Smartcard.

New! Load your tickets straight to your Smartcard using the c2c Train Travel app

How can we help?

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    c2c Smartcard help

    1. What tickets can I get on a c2c Smartcard? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

    2. Can I use my Smartcard on the underground? products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

      Yes, if you have a ticket with a London zones Travelcard loaded on your Smartcard, then you can tap in and out at TfL’s Oyster card readers and ticket gates, at Overground stations, and on London buses. Want to know how to add a Travelcard to your ticket when buying tickets? Find out here:  Adding a Travelcard

    3. Switching monthly or longer paper season tickets onto Smart products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

      You can switch from paper season tickets to Smart at any one of our ticket offices. You can also get a zones 1-6 Travelcard on a c2c Smartcard.

    4. Managing your Smartcard in the c2c Train Travel app products-faq-angle-arrow.svg products-faq-angle-arrow-purple.svg

      You can buy and load tickets directly to your Smartcard in the c2c Train Travel app. Plus you can also view your ticket history, and buy and manage Flexi-Season easily.

      Download c2c Train Travel app

    Smartcard FAQs

    Have a question about your Smartcard? Check these commonly asked Smartcard questions and we might have the answer you’re looking for in the c2c Smartcard FAQs.

    Smartcard Enquiry

    If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for in the FAQs, email contact@c2crail.net

    Smartcard T&Cs

    To see the full terms and conditions around using c2c Smartcard you can read our terms and conditions here.

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